Orphan on my Doorstep (Moral Dilemma)

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized


This morning I awoke to the heavy stomping of feet outside my flat and what sounded like furniture being dropped down the stairwell.  It turned out to be two bin men emptying the last contents of my upstairs neighbour’s flat.  She was an elderly lady who died two or three weeks ago, a seemingly timid and very private woman whom I rarely exchanged more than the occasional greeting with.   It seemed extremely obscene that these men were cheerfully filling two wheelie bins with the final remnants of this woman’s life: Christmas wrapping paper, bills, coat hangers…  


The stairwell was a complete mess with similar items.  Just outside my door was a small envelope with the words “A remarkable combination: Kodak Film and “Velox” Paper”.  I could just make out the edges of a couple of negatives sticking out the side.  For a moment I considered picking them up but decided against it… When I walked out of the building I saw the same men emptying the bins into a big crusher.  I immediately turned about, ran back up the stairs and grabbed the envelope. 


The envelope contained five negatives, each of a little baby. 


Part of me really want to do something with these images.  I know my neighbour didn’t have any family so I don’t think that there’s anyone I could pass them on to. 


Or maybe it’s simply that it would be obscene of me to  do anything creative with them.  It would be nice to give them some kind of “home” though…


What to do…..?


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